About Prokol

Who Are We?
Prokol UK have a global reach. Our dedicated team assist in the Management of all our client relationships. Prokol UK are the quality and management system ensuring that the products and all applications are delivered to the highest standards, meeting all client and project expectations flawlessly. Our applicators adhere to strict quality control guidelines for each project that are managed on a daily basis by our quality control plan management system. We are independently professionally audited for our quality control processes to ensure client satisfaction.

We provide Seamless Coatings for:


If its not CE Certified there is a reason. Through experience when trouble shooting on failed projects always make sure your application is fully certified and the system comes from one manufacturer guaranteeing full compatible chemical cross linking. This results in positive adhesion properties and a long term Manufacturer Warranty.

We are a waterproofing and coatings specialist within the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of blue chip clients in all sectors. We have been introduced and specified via various construction professionals for new, regeneration and design & build projects. A key area at the moment for Prokol UK is being specified for membrane applications within key water infrastructure projects as well as for flat roof systems where thermal insulation and regulation demand good U value performance. Within the roofing sector we are achieving U-Values of 0.08m2k. Where energy performance is paramount these values are truly outstanding. We have references from various schools stating how these exceptional thermal qualities have dramatically lowered heating costs.

What We do
If required, Prokol UK can provide a turnkey, bespoke solution for our clients, offering long term, zero maintenance coatings with a 30 year manufacturers’ guarantee. Our expertise lies in all aspects of Application from keeping water in to keeping water out, flat roofing systems, flooring, anti slip and car park deck applications. Seamless, monolithic protection.

Our products contain zero VOC’s and no solvents. Most projects are managed to deliver minimal to zero waste. Prokol UK Pure Polyurea’s are manufactured under green chemistry and are fully recyclable with supporting Life Cycle Analysis Documentation. Prokol UK Pure Polyurea is CE Certified and is the only product available in the world with this accreditation of quality mark.

We are Innovators
As a fully integrated manufacturer and application consultancy we take constant feedback from clients and site teams to update and improve our processes, methods and materials, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry. Our systems are engineered at Prokol in Holland ensuring full capacity and compatibility by an elite team of chemists. When new challenges arise we have the capacity to engineer bespoke solutions for our clients where others cannot compete.

We are Green
Prokol UK Pure Polyurea in comparison to any other waterproof system offers a unique, long lasting fast cure solution that is environmentally friendly, from manufacture of raw materials the whole system is totally inert. The life expectancy of CE Certified 136T is proven through global testing platforms to be two to three times that of comparable products specified into today’s building and construction industry. Prokol UK Pure Polyurea at the end of its life period can be recycled and used in other new applications such as road building to help as part of a greener additive and composite. The life cycle of Polyurea 136T will give a minimum of 30 years service life with no maintenance required.